Geoffrey Bagnato


My Philosophy

All educators choose to be in this field for their own specific reasons. Each person that strives to be a classroom teacher, administrator, coach, or any other position that works directly or indirectly with the youth of our nation must discover their personal philosophy for teaching. I believe that I must address each day with the mindset of a personal trainer. The personal trainer can deliver individualized lessons or group lessons but must address each trainee with an individualized eye. The personal trainer cannot lift the weights and perform the exercises for the trainee. The personal trainer’s duty is to provide the proper tools, opportunities, and guidance to allow their trainees the least restrictive environment to master the standards being addressed. In the classroom, I will make every effort to use the proper digital tools to provide my students ample opportunities to take responsibility for their education. My students will receive guidance on how to use ELA content to master the standards of their class and how to use digital technology to share their ideas, assignments, projects, victories, and failures to enhance their learning experience and the learning experiences of students around the world connected to world wide web.

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