Plan for Change

Throughout an educator’s career, it is imperative to stay on the cutting edge of advancements in the field. Below is a compilation of pieces that I have developed in my effort to maintain my knowledge of the ever-changing digital classroom.

My assignment in EDLD 5305 Disruptive Innovation in Technology is to create a proposal employing disruptive innovation within our organization. This is a multiple step project that will occur over the entire class. What is posted are the individual steps in my proposal aimed at my organization’s unacceptable attendance rate and student engagement. My solution is to assemble a team of ELA teachers and Social Studies teachers that want to restructure their classrooms using learning eportfolios to allow students personalization and choice in their class participation and using a fusion pedagogy to give students a cross-curricular experience that engages them by building bridges between content areas.

Step One: Rough Draft

Step Two: Final Draft

Step Three: Outline for Proposal to Adopt Blended Learning Program

The second platform used was the Understanding by Design model: UbD Template Part 1 and UbD Template Part 2. The reflection on how I plan to use both platforms to create significant learning environments can also be found on my blog. The course concluded by introducing the growth mindset. My growth mindset plan will be a vital part of my innovation plan for my organization. Leaving this course, I feel prepared to instill the growth mindset in my learners through the use of 21st century learning styles.

Observation Games outlines how I plan to use Heritage’s daily bellwork implementation to be a platform for peer observation and improvement.

My journey to earning my graduate degree began as any journey should. It is imperative to reflect on where you have been, where you are, and where you would like to go when mapping out your career path. In these reflections, I evaluate my past experiences with communicative technology, how communicative technology has evolved, and how I would like to introduce these new technologies into my classroom and beyond.

A New Manifesto for the Public School System     Using Texting to Revise and Edit     Digital Learning and Leading Self-Assessment

Whether you are using it as a personal learning tool or a classroom tool, a blog is a great way to spread information, assignments, ideas, etc. I encourage all educators to create and maintain a blog to assist in the constant search for advancements in learning communities, schools, and individual classrooms across the globe.

Click here to view my blog on development of my learning community

4 thoughts on “Plan for Change

  1. I really like your ideas for implementing portfolios in your school district. I will be trying to do then same thing in mine. Do you have a few teachers in mind for collaboration? I seem to be having trouble generating interest.



  2. I really like how detailed your outline is. I also like that you have built in times to review data and the effectiveness of your plan – specifically looking at student engagement and attendance rates. I think analyzing that data will provide you with a lot of great insight as you move through your plan.


  3. Geoffrey, I have emailed as per Whitney Augustine and believe emails are stuck in spam. Please contact . LOVE all I am reading and I am a former Brevard Educator so I am excited to see and work with such progressive thinking!!

    I am looking for Technology “cheerleaders” in FL!



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