Update from the Whirlwind

There are plenty of reasons to delete a post and get back to work. It was much easier for me to maintain my goal of one post per week when I was doing interesting things every week. For a stretch, it was conference after conference and experience after experience. I moved back into my classroom routine somewhat apprehensively due to a feeling of restlessness. Nothing an inbox of essays and some challenging students cannot help solve. Knocking items off of my to-do list kept me from continuing my posts. I consistently found a reason to divert my attention or walk away from the keyboard in self-doubt. Well here I am, back at the keyboard, still doubtful, reflecting on my practice.

There’s not much needed to say when you are caught up in the daily whirlwind. All educators have been there. You put one fire out; another fire starts. Remember that how you put out each fire is being monitored, and you may use that to your advantage or disadvantage. Remember that students do care, and they do want to succeed. Remember that your colleagues want to collaborate. Remember that your administrators do want to support your goals, fundraisers, field trips, and after school clubs. The daily whirlwind can be defeating. The daily whirlwind can be empowering. Organize your priorities and attack your to-do list one bullet point at a time. Use motivation accrued after each small victory to intrinsically motivate your continuation through the whirlwind. Don’t forget to take a breath before you walk out of your educating space to appreciate your opportunity to have a positive impact on the other life-long learners around you.

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