Reminder: Keep Writing

It’s always nice to take a break. Gather experience. Collect thoughts. Make memories. However, breaks must end and growth must be attended to. I may have earned my Master’s degree, but I stopped using the skills that I had acquired in my journey to lead in education. I will be following this update with a deeper delve into my status as an educator at the current time. For now, I would believe myself rude to not explain my leave of absence.

Since graduating I have been:


A family vacation to Italy brought me to the most beautiful country I have yet to see in my life. We were fortunate enough to tour through Rome, Sienna, Tuscany, Florence, and Venice. Summer of 2018 ended with a trip to San Juan with the gentlemen I am lucky enough to call my friends. Traveling throughout the country and now the world has provided me with a wealth of experience and perspective. I look to continue expanding my reach in 2019 within the United States and into Mexico.


In 2003, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and re-diagnosed in 2013. Since beating cancer for the second time, she has joined into the competitive world of Dragon Boat Racing. I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Italy to support her in a tournament of thousands of women from all over the world that have battled breast cancer. Then, in September, I was able to participate in the second annual Dragon Boat festival held at North Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The tournament was put on by my mother’s team, Hearts of Steel, that participated in the international tournament in Florence.

and Marrying

On November 11th, I married the love of my life Keri Lynn Maurer (now Bagnato). The event happened at The Kraft Azalea Gardens in Winter Park, Florida. Ours is not a whirlwind romance. Our marriage was long awaited and well earned. Keri being from Melbourne, Fl and me being from Pittsburgh, PA made our story one of commitment, trust, and dedication. Years of friendship blossomed into a beautiful relationship that was destined for forever from the day it began.

2019 will bring

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