Plan, act, plan some more

Educators seem to have their own way of getting in their own way. Whether you are the educator that takes on every extra job possible or the educator that focuses so much on planning that the grading stacks on your desk turn into skyscrapers, we all have flaws in our practices. My flaw seems to be an insufficient amount of patience when attempting to incite culture changing practices within my organization. This can be observed in the first steps of implementing my innovation plan. I took my idea to my organization without the proper research and data; therefore, my idea was heard, addressed, and moved over. Action research provides me an opening to perform the correct research and collect the necessary data to support my innovation plan‘s implementation within my organization.

The first step in anything should be to properly plan whatever action you wish to take. The following outline displays the first plans put in place for my action research. This outline will provide me the groundwork to formulate a literature review of cases surrounding similar topics. That literature review will bring to light any changes I need to make in the planning of my action research plan.