To upgrade or master?

One of the reoccurring questions that has come up in the discussion of the eportfolio is whether or not to upgrade from the free version of whichever format you are creating under. The answer to this question depends on what your goals are and how well you adapt to technology. Personally, I am one to want to master the standard before moving on to a higher one. I would also recommend staying with the free version until you have found a necessity to upgrade. Why pay for something that you do not understand or do not use to its full potential? For these reasons, I will be staying with the free format of WordPress. I envision that I will certainly upgrade sooner rather than later; however, the free version satisfies my needs and I still would like to explore the various options that I am allowed under this version.

One of the reasons to use an eportfolio is that it can evolve alongside the creator. The eportfolio should be in constant shift; therefore, at some point in the future, my evolution will need to be matched in my eportfolio by upgrading to the paid version. This evolution must take time. As a beginner to the eportfolio and to WordPress, I wish to fully comprehend the capabilities of my current format before upgrading to a format with more technologically advanced capabilities. It is my responsibility to continue to explore, adjust, tweek, create, delete, and monitor my eportfolio in a constant effort to grow as an educator and citizen.

Do You

The single most valuable opportunity in creating an eportfolio is the ability to “do you.” There are various platforms that can be used in creation of the eportfolio, but each allows you the freedom to creatively assemble the portfolio to reflect your persona and philosophy. The eportfolio creater and manager must take full advantage of this ability to personalize. The job market for educators is continually growing more competitive. What better way to set yourself apart from the competition by developing your own personal eportfolio. I recommend not only adding your personal experiences, creations, and ideas, but format the page to represent yourself. Add color, pictures, videos, and any other visual displays that can connect the viewer to who you are as an educator and citizen. The eportfolio also offers the ease of a digital platform. Your eportfolio should grow, adapt, and evolve along with you. Long gone are the days of the porfolio that becomes out-dated and stored on a shelf collecting dust. The eportfolio offers the creator creative freedom, convenience and ease in maintenance, and a platform that allows it to be viewed from any computer with internet access. So as fellow educator, I urge you to create your eportfolio and most importantly DO YOU!